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Resize to ensure you have the optimal image sizes, balancing quality with performance.
Reduce the size of images to improve image load times.
Convert to WebP
Convert JPEG and PNG images to WebP for even more size reduction.
Boost Your Website's Performance with Pixie
Pixie is a powerful Webflow Plugin that optimizes Webflow CMS Images, resulting in improved load times and higher SEO rankings. Effortlessly enhance your website's performance and provide a seamless user experience.
Improve image load time by upto 80%
Optimized images with smaller sizes load faster and improve page speeds that affect your SEO.
Save multiple hours
Get away from the tedious task of optimizing CMS images every time.
Optimize images without compromising on quality
Our optimization, backed by TinyPNG and other strong service providers, ensures you get the best quality.
Streamline your workflow with seamless Webflow CMS integration
Fully integrated with Webflow to provide you with the best experience possible.
Bulk Optimization
Optimize Collections and their fields at scale
Best when you want to optimize fields for all items in multiple collections. Introduced a new collection?
Selective Optimization
Drill down to specific fields any item in the CMS
Fine control to find and optimize specific images in the CMS.
Optimize your Webflow CMS Images
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Customer Testimonials
Veer is super helpful and super responsive. The tool itself is so easy to use, we were unsure what happened when we optimised the images but Veer sent us over a log of what was changed and this is a complete timesaver!
Jaidyn Lai
Pixie is awesome and solves a massive pain point for our team in automating the optimisation of large images within webflow. Without Pixie, this would be a very manual and timely process of uploading, downloading and re-uploading files. There's a few additional features missing which are being worked into the platform and we cannot wait!! Thanks Pixie team :)
Kayla Adams
As a Webflow Developer, Pixie has become an invaluable tool in my toolkit. It seamlessly optimizes all my images, saving me countless hours I used to spend manually compressing and resizing. What truly sets Pixie apart, though, is their top-notch support team. They’re always readily available to answer questions, solve issues, and provide insights, making my workflow even more efficient. Pixie hasn’t just improved my websites; it’s transformed my entire development process. Highly recommended!
Pixie solved the problem of compressing hundreds of images in a CMS collection on one of our clients' projects. Pixie was easy to use, worked fast and as expected. We will definitely use it again when needed!
Ziga Fajfar
It saves us considerable operational time while we regularly develop in Webflow and as we regularly add new posts to our site
Pixie is a lifesaver! Before using it, I struggled with slow-loading pages due to large images. Since I started using Pixie, my blog's performance has skyrocketed, and the user experience has improved immensely. Pixie is a must-have tool for any Webflow user.
Blog Owner
I regularly update my Webflow CMS with fresh content and high-resolution images. Pixie, with its TinyPNG integration, has made my work so much more efficient by automatically optimizing my images. My site is faster, and my readers are happier. It's a win-win!
Content Creator
As a small business owner, Pixie has become an essential tool for my eCommerce website. The way it optimizes images and reduces their size has a noticeable effect on the speed of my site, leading to increased customer engagement and improved SEO rankings. I highly recommend Pixie for any eCommerce business.
Small Business Owner
Using Pixie has been an absolute game-changer for my Webflow projects. The integration with TinyPNG significantly reduces the size of my images without losing quality, which has drastically improved the loading times of the websites I manage. It's the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their site's performance and user experience.
Webflow Developer
What is Pixie?
Pixie is a Webflow CMS image optimizer. It's designed to enhance your site's performance by optimizing your images for speed without compromising on quality.
What types of images can Pixie optimize?
Pixie can optimize images across your Webflow CMS image gallery, CMS images, eCommerce product images, and eCommerce product-related images. We do not support rich text images yet but is in our roadmap.
What benefits can I expect from using Pixie?
Pixie can significantly reduce your website load time and increase its performance by optimizing your images. It can also save you considerable operational time, especially if you frequently develop in Webflow or add new posts to your site.
How does Pixie work?
Pixie works by allowing you to select the image fields you want to optimize in your CMS, connect your Webflow accounts, and then resize your images if necessary.
What features does Pixie offer?
Pixie offers customizable optimization, Webflow eCommerce image optimization, image resizing for faster loads, thumbnail generation (coming soon), and a set-it-and-forget-it feature (coming soon).
How can I get started with Pixie?
Simply click on "Free Sign Up".
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Optimize your Webflow CMS Images
Try Pixie today and enhance your website's performance
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